[mythtv-users] Please shut up!

Marco Nelissen marcone at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 30 03:56:36 UTC 2007

>mythtv-users is way, way, way too busy. My archive of digests for the
>first six months of 2006 contains 1110 digests, each averaging about
>25 messages. That's 27,750 messages for those six months alone, or
>about 152 a day (!). gossamer-threads.com says there have been 168,729
>messages since the list started back in 2003 or so. This is an
>almost-overwhelming volume for even a speedreader like me.

If you feel the urge to actually read each and every message, that's
YOUR problem, not anyone else's. Using a threaded mailreader, this
list should be more than managable to anyone who doesn't feel that
same urge.

>* A poster with 461 messages going back to February 2004 asked for
>  suggestions for inexpensive, S/PDIF-equipped, ALSA-friendly
>  soundcards. Never mind that asking the gossamer-threads.com search
>  engine for "sound card optical" pulls up as the very first result a
>  thread from April and May 2006 that answers this question with two
>  suggestions, one of them being the same card that gets recommended
>  pretty much every single time this question gets asked (about twice
>  a month), as the subsequent hits to the search query show.

That's nice. Maybe it would help if gossamer-threads was listed somewhere
prominently, like, say, at the bottom of messages from this list.

>How is it, then, that my 1920x1080p, Bob-deinterlacing, working
>MythWeb-graced, custom modeline-using, auto-transcoding, FireWire- and
>ATSC-supplied, RAID 6-storing, optical surround-sound, wireless remote
>control- and keyboard-equipped MythTV system filled with 39 days and
>13 minutes of almost-entirely high-definition MPEG-2 recordings works,
>and has worked ridonkulously well[4] since day two or three of the
>start of my MythTV adventures almost fourteen months ago, while

Ah, I see... This whole rant was just an excuse to brag about your
setup again...

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