[mythtv-users] Please shut up!

devsk funtoos at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 29 21:32:33 UTC 2007

> I can't recall ever seeing a web forum that's more useful than a mailing
> list or newsgroup yet.

you have never been over at gentoo forums?....Active forum community can be quite powerful. I think what I miss is the simplicity in the fact that I get an email when someone replies to my question, I don't have to poll the forums. I don't have to keep deleting unwanted email (although its in a separate folder) or keep polling or searching for my thread amid the traffic. There can be so many threads here which are junk mail for me or for so many others.

devs don't need to visit forums to solve real problems (I doubt any of them look at users list, but if they do, they are wasting precious cycles answering tuner recommendations or xorg.conf screw ups)....they need to visit trac or bugzilla. At least I am convinced of gentoo way of dealing with this, where there are forums for user problems and lists for devs for code fixes. But I think I will shut up now...:-)


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On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 11:50:26AM -0800, devsk wrote:

> I think fundamental reason for so much traffic is that there is no
> official good forum based central place for people to go to get some
> help. I can see if there was an official forum on mythtv.org, it would
> result in lot of network bandwidth saved for so many people. 

> advantage of having a forum is that not everybody gets an email in
> their box, you can subscribe to threads of your choice and keep them
> around in your box, you can search the abundance of information easily
> in one place, there can be more posts than you can send emails to the

I completely disagree.  Forums are a huge pain:

* You can't read them offline

* You have to manage account/password for each one

* They tend to be slow

What is so bad about this list?  The bandwidth used by sending text-only
messages -- only *once* to each subscriber -- is, I'm sure, completely
dwarfed by the bandwidth of hundreds or thousands of people loading and
reloading graphics-laden web pages, transmitting the same messages over
and over.

> http://www.mythtvtalk.com , but not official. Maybe a link to
> mythtvtalk.com is what needs to be put along with the mailing list
> info on the front page of mythtv. Or may be, we should have a forum at
> mythtv.org.

So then you create two communities -- one that uses email, one that uses
web forums.  I don't think that's better for anyone.

I can't recall ever seeing a web forum that's more useful than a mailing
list or newsgroup yet.

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