[mythtv-users] Please shut up!

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Mon Jan 29 20:16:29 UTC 2007

John Goerzen wrote:
> I completely disagree.  Forums are a huge pain:
> * You can't read them offline
> * You have to manage account/password for each one
> * They tend to be slow

* You have to keep laboriously checking back to see if your question has
been answered, instead of just seeing if the thread has popped up in
your mailbox again.

* It's hard to see what's new in each thread -- in most forums you have
to manually find where you left off.  This is a major pain on a busy forum.

* You get lots of pictures and cute animated GIFs cluttering up the threads.

Just because web forums are a newer technology doesn't make them better.

My experience is that people who prefer forums are usually people who
don't have good email tools or don't know how to use them. 
Unfortunately for forum users, this means the people who are experts and
have the most information are usually the people who are least
interested in visiting forums.

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