[mythtv-users] Building a New MythTV System

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Mon Jan 29 20:08:33 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Hope this mail found you well.

I am writing you because I decided to build a MythTV System, so I would like
to to hear from you what parts you recommend based on my needs, so I list
them below and hopefully some of you can provide me some advise on what
parts buy. I used to (long time ago) build my own systems, but as I got
older I stop doing it but still I think I can manage even a mini-itx case.

- I need the System be quiet, I will place it in my room
- Small factor, external power supply would be nice but not mandatory
- Able to view Live TV and recording at the same time
- Ability to pause, rewind and forward live TV
- Dual tuner so I can watch and record different channels, PIP, etc
- Broadcast recorded shows and Live TV (I tavel a lot)
- Remote Control
- HDTV output, BlueRay DVD?
- Under $1,000 USD

I had read about different small factor boards (I like VIA boards) but looks
like I could face a lot of problem with them, so I am open to any suggestion

Thanks for your help.

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