[mythtv-users] Myth, Comcast DCT 700, pvr350 -> problems

acarter3 at nd.edu acarter3 at nd.edu
Mon Jan 29 19:12:53 UTC 2007


So I followed an Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 tutorial all the way through to get Myth up on
a box. I have a hauppauge pvr 350 and comcast digitial cable with the DCT 700.
The DCT has RF and RCA OUT. Since haup can only do RF in (right? I guess it
could do SVIDEO in as well), I am using RF. Since I want the digital chans, I
set up an IR blaster for the DCT, and that is working great. I am having issues
getting a picture thru the cable box, however.

The very first time I had it all set up, I just started mythtvfrontend and I was
able to get a picture thru the computer out to the RCA on my TV. It was a
digital channel that was coming thru the cable box of course. I do not know
what happened next, but since then I cannot get that going. I have tweaked the
mythtv-setup -> general -> tv freqs from us-bcast to us-cable to us-cable-hrc
to no avail. I pull guide data from zap2it, and in mythtv-setup I put a program
to change channels on the cable box thru the IR and set the haup to tune to
channel 3. I fill the guide with zap2it data. Still no luck with getting

Here's the funny part. I can plug the output of the cable box into the TV, no
problem, works. RCA out works too. Straight analog cable works fine (with the
us-cable setting mentioned earlier) into the 350 if I scan the channels and
load that frequency data. If I just plugged that cable in while it was
configured like earlier when I was trying to set up digital cable, I would get
channel 3 like expected, but it is black and white! Something funky must be
going on inside my cable box for this to happen, right?


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