[mythtv-users] X on TV output busy's up Xorg

Garry Wright garry at davincibb.net
Mon Jan 29 17:49:22 UTC 2007

I have myth running on an Athlon 1200 Mhz FC6 machine with a PVR-350. 
X works fine on the TV with Jarod Wilson's xorg.conf file modified with
the correct bus position for the card. ie - shells and Firefox run on
the interface fine but there is some overscanning on the screen.

When mythtvsetup or mythfrontend are started with the TV-X interface, I
see the setup screen for the mythskins running and then it sort of hangs
with an empty screen but still alive. xorg is running using about 94% of
the cpu and I cannot see the menus of myth either setup or front. An esc
brings up the myth shutdown screen but the prompts are overscanned -
still work to bring myth down though. It does the same thing in KDE or

Is the problem likely to be the overscanning and how does one fix that
on FC6? If not the overscanning, what difference exists between how myth
uses the screen and how say Firefox uses the screen?



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