[mythtv-users] Please shut up!

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Mon Jan 29 16:13:08 UTC 2007

On Monday 29 January 2007 09:34, Steven Adeff wrote:
> As for version'ing the wiki, and a note about this *should* exist on
> the home page, it is assumed on the wiki that unless the text says
> otherwise the information pertains to the currently released version.
> If upon the release of a new version the information becomes outdated
> it should be changed as soon as it is noticed, with the old
> information being dated to the previous release (so when 0.21 comes
> out, the information would say it pertains to 0.20).

That's a very labor-intensive proposition. Do YOU want to go through a flag 
EVERY wiki entry the day a new version of MythTV is released? (Remember 
you'll have to check edit dates, too, just in case somebody's rushed in with 
some brand-new information before you get around to checking an entry.) Short 
of a coordinated effort to do this immediately, it won't get done. IMHO, the 
idea of version-flagging every wiki entry as its made makes far more sense. 
Ideally this would be part of the submission process, but I have no idea if 
the wiki software supports such a thing.

Rod Smith

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