[mythtv-users] AACS Cracked Already

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 15:26:46 UTC 2007

On 1/29/07, Jack Madison <jack at webhouse.cc> wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 15:18 -0700, Brian Wood wrote:
> > On Jan 27, 2007, at 3:04 PM, Calin Brabandt wrote:
> > > Although the encryption wasn't cracked, the AACS
> > > system, which also addresses issues of player and
> > > drive security, most definitely was cracked!  In
> > > summary, the operation of a player was cracked.  It's
> > > doubtful the strong encryption used by AACS will ever
> > > be cracked.
> > >
> > > Keys must be stored somewhere, in the clear, for at
> > > least a short period of time to decrypt a block of
> > > data.  It's the same vulnerability used in the first
> > > CSS attacks and also the attacks on iTunes audio
> > > media.
> > >
> >
> > So when an impenetrable lock is put on the door just go in through a
> > window.
> >
> Wanna take a huge bite out of piracy?  Sell the movies for $5 each and
> quit wasting time, money, and effort in anti-piracy encryption crap.
> Plus it would make for happier customers.

but that would cut into the profits they use to fight piracy!...

I think most people pirate movies they wouldn't buy anyway, even for
$5. I think most people use piracy as a way around the movie rental
business. Especially students, who would rather spend their money on
cheap booze than renting a movie.

Considering a person can rent a movie for less than $5 and many people
buy movies but only watch them a few times. For instance, I have a few
DVD's I bought for more than $5 that I've either yet to watch or have
only watched once. I would have been better off not purchasing it or
renting it instead. I would have saved money and shelf space. But I
can download the movie for free, watch it, then delete it. It takes me
about an hour to download a DVD ISO, which is a little more than the
amount of time it takes me to go to the local rental store, find the
movie, wait in line, pay, drive home, prepare my movie watching food,

How many non-students download a movie and watch it more than once or
twice before deleting it? I wager not many. I also wager most
non-students, after seeing a movie they really like have gone so far
as to purchase it. Either because they want to support the people that
made the movie, or because they know they will watch it many times (my
god, the number of times I've watched Baseket Ball, The Big Lebowski
and Super Troopers DVDs....).

So if the movie studios were smart, they'd do three things.
1) Allow downloadable versions of the movie, in DVD quality(or less,
for faster downloads), minus the extras, for a few dollars, no DRM
restrictions. Then, offer those that payed for this downloaded movie
the option of buying the movie on DVD or HD/BluRay at a reduced price,
say 10%-15% off to cover the cost of the rental fee and tax.
Now, for the few times *most* people download a movie per month
"illegaly" they could pay a small fee and download the movie in a high
quality format for home viewing. With the increasing number of HTPC's
entering homes, or just laptops with the proper connections, this
would be a cheap and easy revenue stream. If Blockbuster, etc can
afford to mail you DVD's and pay for return shipping, then the studios
can afford the cost of bandwidth, especially if they take advantage of
things like bittorrent.

2) Provide a way for users to exchange scratched or broken discs with
new undamaged discs, for free (perhaps minus shipping charges?). This
dissolves the concern with creating back-up copies that many users,
especially parents of young kids, have. Or even allow people who
purchased the DVD to keep the downloaded copy of the movie or download
a copy if they haven't already, again, DRM free.

3) Offer students a monthly plan. Something like $5 a month for
students, offered through a deal with their university. Remove the
discounted DVD offer, but allow the students to download as many
movies as they want through the service. Go from making "no money" and
enemies of these kids, to a small but existing profit.

And, of course, stop wasting money on piracy concerns. Remove content
protection, allow any computer to play discs, etc.

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