[mythtv-users] screensaver! Argh!

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sun Jan 28 18:07:02 UTC 2007

mythtv-users at jaredharvey.com wrote:
> Hello Rich / list,
> RW> I've got FC5 x86 on all of my FE boxes, and, in gnome, I have used
> RW> the  GUI to change the screensaver preferences such that "Activate
> RW> screensaver  when  session  is idle" is not checked. Also, when my
> RW> "mythwrapper.sh"   script   fires   up,   it  should  disable  the
> RW> screensaver as well: #!/bin/sh
> On  FC6  in  GNOME  I  had  to  go  to  system  -- preferences -- more
> preferences  --  power  management  and  disable sleeping power saving
> features here.

Ooo.. that might be it.  By default, mine was set to 30 minutes.  I 
bumped that up to "never".  Now, I will have to keep an "eye" on it..


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