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On 27/01/07, Henry S. Greenside <hsg at phy.duke.edu> wrote:
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> Subject: xorg.conf problem: how to get TV out on NVIDIA 5200 card? So close...
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> Following the nice instructions of Jared I finished
> putting together a KDE/Fedora Core 6-based mythtv
> 0.20-150 system using a Hauppauge PVR-500 card and
> verifed that the software and hardware worked fine
> before connecting it to my 32" analog TV.
> However, when I booted up the mythtv, the TV screen
> duplicatd what was on the LCD screen (confirming there
> was output on the svideo port of the video card) until
> X was invoked, at which point the TV screen went blank
> while the LCD screen showed the mythtv frontend
> appearing. So somehow the 5200 card is failing to
> forward a signal to its svideo port once X is fully
> invoked.
> I include my xorg.conf file below and would greatly
> appreciate any help about how to get the 5200 card to
> talk to the TV via its svideo output.

I don't run an nVidia card, but it looks like you are running X in
single head mode (primary screen only) as your xorg.conf file shows:

> Section "ServerLayout"
>         Identifier     "single head configuration"

You will need to use the nVidia configuration utility to configure a
suitable dual-head mode, depending on whether you want cloned screens
or separate desktops on each output.

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