[mythtv-users] Copying database and recordings to a new box

JCA 1.41421 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 19:29:14 UTC 2007

    I have a box A with MythTV 0.20 and mysql 4.1.20, a MythTV
database and the recordings associated with that database. I would
like to copy both the database and recordings to a new, bigger box B,
also with MythTV 0.20 and mysql 5.0.24a. The location of recordings in
box B will not be the same as it was in box A.

    Is there a foolproof way of doing this? The reason I am asking is
because a look in the archives allows one to dig up several threads
where similar problems are addressed, and the solutions given seem to
be incomplete, or untested (the "this should work" kind), or
applicable to different versions of MythTV and/or mysql than those
originally inquired about. I am particularly scared about mysql, for I
know nothing much about databases, and differences between mysql
versions seem to be only too apt to screw things up quickly.

   If anybody out there has tackled this successfully, it would be
most useful if they could post the steps followed in detail.

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