[mythtv-users] Gentoo 64bit and MythTV completely compatible?

Richard Freeman r-mythtv at thefreemanclan.net
Sat Jan 27 18:17:48 UTC 2007

John Drescher wrote:
>> Is anyone successfully running gentoo 64bit from the gentoo
>> repositories? That's including nvidia's driver. I tried 64bit a while
>> ago on FC2 (I think it was) and it just didn't work very well. I'd like
>> to try again but this time using gentoo.

Been running myth for the better part of year now on 64-bit gentoo with
no real issues.  I'm using ivtv for the capture cards, and
nvidia-drivers for the display.  I don't often run the frontend on my
gentoo box - but it works fine when I do.  My gentoo box does run the
backend/DB and has done so quite reliably.

>> BTW: anyone running the realtime kernel for MythTV or does it make any
>> difference?
> No, I have not tried that. I am currently using a gentoo 2.6.18 kernel

rich64 2.6.18-gentoo-r6 here - good enough for what I'm doing.  However,
I do try not to do lots of builds during prime-time viewing hours.
(This is on an A64 3200+.)

> The only other thing I have to say is that I am not using the version
> of MythTV that is in portage because a bout 6 months ago the devs
> pretty much waited until an official release to bump the version of
> MythTV. 

I've been using the stock ebuilds without issue.  I don't need or want
bleeding edge since this is a family-oriented system (I try to run it
like a production box at work as far as anything impacting myth goes).
Sure, I had to wait a week or two for 0.20, but minimyth (used in my
frontend) had to become stable as well so it wasn't much of a loss.

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