[mythtv-users] Gentoo 64bit and MythTV completely compatible?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 18:06:48 UTC 2007

> Is anyone successfully running gentoo 64bit from the gentoo
> repositories? That's including nvidia's driver. I tried 64bit a while
> ago on FC2 (I think it was) and it just didn't work very well. I'd like
> to try again but this time using gentoo.
I have been running this at work since late 2004. At home early 2006
when I bout a dual processor  opteron 850 with 4 GB of memory. I have
installed MythTV on this box as a slave frontend and backend as soon
as it was up and running with absolutely no myth or nvidia driver
problems at all.

> What problems have you encountered? What do I have to watch out for.
The  only problems I have had are problems with plugins for firefox..
pdf, flash and windows codecs have been a problem but most of this is
fixed now.

> BTW: anyone running the realtime kernel for MythTV or does it make any
> difference?
No, I have not tried that. I am currently using a gentoo 2.6.18 kernel

# uname -a
Linux jmd1 2.6.18-gentoo-r2 #9 SMP PREEMPT Sat Nov 11 13:46:18 EST
2006 x86_64 AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 850 AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux

The only other thing I have to say is that I am not using the version
of MythTV that is in portage because a bout 6 months ago the devs
pretty much waited until an official release to bump the version of
MythTV. As a result I have created my own svn ebuilds based on the
ebuilds that were in   portage at that time. Since that the gentoo
devs have been releasing mythTV a lot more frequently so this probably
is not necessary but I still do that as it works well and I am working
on my own patches for myth so having my own ebuilds automatically grab
the svn and patch it saves me a few steps...

John M. Drescher

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