[mythtv-users] MySQL log files growing alarmingly

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Sat Jan 27 05:09:45 UTC 2007


I set up a MythTV system about a week ago and I've discovered that my MySQL 
log files are growing at an alarming rate. I know next to nothing about 
MySQL, and the log files in question don't look like ordinary log files, so 
I'm reluctant to mess with them without guidance. I'm running Ubuntu 6.10 
with the MythTV 0.20 and MySQL packages that came with it. The log files 
appear in /var/log/mysql and are called mysql-bin.000001 and up (to 
mysql-bin.000047 at the moment). In total, the /var/log/mysql directory is 
now 270MB in size (on a 1GB partition), and I don't see any rules in the 
Ubuntu log file rotation configuration to touch these files, although there 
are rules to handle other (so far much smaller) MySQL log files.

So, any advice on this? (A pointer to a Web page would be fine, provided it 
assumes little or no knowledge of MySQL.) Can these files be rotated by 
logrotate, or is there some better way to handle it?

Thanks for any pointers.

Rod Smith

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