[mythtv-users] Quiet CPU Cooler Recommendations

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Fri Jan 26 23:34:39 UTC 2007

Calin, where did you find the slow moving case fans? That's one thing I've 
never been able to find. Those with one of the fanless CPU coolers might be 
what I'm looking for.

Calin Brabandt wrote:
> Kirk,
> If you have the space and finances, I recommend the
> Zalman Reserator water coolers.  I purchased the
> original Reserator 1 when it was first released. 
> Zalman has several newer models now.  I placed the
> radiator behind my home theater equipment.  My 2.1GHz
> 400FSB Barton runs reasonably cool at full bore
> (~50-55C)--even with water blocks on the north bridge
> and ATI Radeon 9800 Pro GPU too.  The nice thing about
> the Reserator is it removes nearly all the chip's heat
> from the case.
> I also invested in a 480W Coolmax fanless power
> supply.  I did install two very slow turning fans,
> front and rear, in the case, however.  Even very slow
> fans lower case temps dramatically, (front fan
> pointing in/ rear fan pointing out) but they are
> inaudible.
> This hardware has been running nearly 24/7 for about
> two years with no problems.
> Moving a Reserator-equipped computer is a bit of a
> pain, however.  I appears they've made it easier with
> the quick disconnect fittings.
> http://www.zalmanusa.com/
> http://www.coolmaxusa.com/Power.asp?item=fanless&subcategory=fanless
> -Cal
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