[mythtv-users] Computer case recoomendations

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 23:23:04 UTC 2007

> - Design flaw: the front plate (heavy brushed aluminium) is NOT
> grounded. In theory this should be ok because it's covered with a
> varnish so it's isolated from you, but in practice, the tiny recessed
> bevels of the front panel buttons is not varnished (I guess the bevel
> was made after the varnish had been applied).  In my carpeted
> living-room, the computer would crash -hard- every time my finger got
> close to the power button, whereas it had worked fine in my computer
> lab.  After grounding the front panel, this problem disappeared.
> Unacceptable in such an expensive case, IMHO.

Weird, I've *never* had this problem.  I wonder if this was a bad unit?

- Design flaw: the LCD display area indeed has space so you can add your
> own IR receiver, and it's not difficult to do.  However, the glass
> window in front of it is covered with IR-opaque paint. Duh...

Yeah, that ticked me off, too.  A bit of high-grit sandpaper solved that
problem, though.

- Design flaw: the case ventilates extremely well, however it's a bit
> noisier than I was led to believe by the ads.  Especially noticeable
> during the quiet passages of a movie.  I'm thinking of  disconnecting
> one of the two case fans (they're the source of the noise. My heatsink
> fan is silent).

Well, keep in mind, the fans are multi-speed.  The first thing that should
be done is to slow them down (though, make sure to monitor case temp, to
make sure ventilation is still adequate).  At top speed, they do put out a
bit of noise (though they're still remarkably quiet), however given their
diameter, you can probably run them at low speed without a problem.

- Annoyance: there's a HUGE volume-type button on the front of the case
> that I can't use because there is no Linux driver for it and no
> information is available (that I could find)  to write one.

This works just fine in Linux.  It shows up as an imon IR receiver, and so
you can use lirc to receive events from it.  See this thread for details:


As for this:

What remote, and IR setup are you using with this case?

I grabbed a serial receiver from http://www.irblaster.info.  It's small
enough to fit behind the glass of the VFD, and the cable is long enough that
I could run it under the DVD player and into the case, where I connected it
to an onboard serial port (I scavanged a header connector from an old serial
port bracket).

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