[mythtv-users] Jerky Playback? Try This!

Calin Brabandt cbrabandt at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 26 21:09:15 UTC 2007

I've notice jerky playback using the SVN versions over
the last few months.  (The 0.20 tarball works poorly
for me so I don't know about it.)

Usually, the jerkyness starts after pausing the
playback but, on a rare occasion, the Jerkyness starts
right away.  Fast forward and rewind work okay.  I've
found that I can correct the jerky playback simply by
going to (M)enu >> Video to reselect the "Detect"
deinterlacing mode.  Also, the audio is sometimes
broken and the video jerky until menu screens clear
from the display, so I often maually clear them
quickly with the ESC key.  I don't think this is a CPU
issue as it happens on my 3.2GHz P4 as well as my 1.8
GHz Athlon.

I've also found that the reverse fields deinterlacing
selection in the Video menu results in smooth playback
after a pause and I don't need to re-enter the Video
menu repeatedly after every pause.  Can this setting
be made sticky?

Using FC6 and FX-5200 w/ XvMC and latest Nvidia binary
drivers.  Fusion 3 Gold-Q, QAM cable and HDTV over


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