[mythtv-users] Audio configuration question (hardware)

Justin Luitjens luitjens at cs.utah.edu
Fri Jan 26 20:24:01 UTC 2007

> By "RCA inputs," do you mean separate inputs for each channel, for a total of 
> 6 input jacks? Or do you mean a single RCA/coaxial digital input jack? I'm 
> guessing the former, but I'm not positive of that.
The only inputs are the RCA Red/White/Yellow inputs for video and audio.

> If my assumption above is correct, then I'd suggest you first check your 
> manuals to see if you've got outputs with your current computer sound 
> hardware for separate channels. Some motherboards have these as headers, even 
> if there are no external output jacks; you could then buy or build an 
> appropriate cable and bracket to give yourself access to the outputs and run 
> wires from the computer to the receiver. If you have no separate outputs, 
> then you should be able to buy a sound card that has them relatively 
> inexpensively.
My motherboard has stereo connectors for a center/woofer, back surround, 
side surround, line in, front out, and a mic.

If I want to connect this to my tv over a single stereo channel where 
would I plug into? The center& woofer?
> Of course, this will give you analog connections between the computer and the 
> receiver. I've not researched this in any depth, but I suspect you'd get 
> better sound by using your computer's SPDIF outputs and a receiver that's 
> designed to accept SPDIF inputs. Whether it's worth spending (potentially) 
> several hundred dollars on such an upgrade is a subjective matter. Given the 
> minor expense of running an analog link (particularly if you've got a few 
> spare cables), you might want to try that first, and only replace your 
> receiver if you're not satisfied with the results.
> If my assumption was wrong and you mean your receiver already has a coaxial 
> SPDIF input, then just run a cable from your computer to the receiver and use 
> it. (This assumes the Linux drivers for your sound card support 5.1 SPDIF 
> output, and you'll probably have to muck with mixer settings.)
Unfortunately I don't have a receiver but a home theater system that 
doesn't have much for inputs (RCA red/white/yellow only).

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