[mythtv-users] Ghost image on my PVR-350

devsk funtoos at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 26 00:05:18 UTC 2007

ok, I am seeing exactly the same thing but with WinTV PVR USB2.

If I press 'esc' and 'enter' in mythtv livetv, the image becomes
cleaner: no ghost. I change channel from 3 (nbc) to 2 (fox) and back,
and I see ghost on the "Medium" night scene on nbc. I 'esc' and 'enter'
quickly, the same scene is now clean. I repeated this many times to
verify this behavior and it worked most of the times. The behavior has
some uncanny similarity with the other video related problem, which I
think is pvrusb2 specific: the upper 10-20% of the screen gets
garbled while changing channels sometimes, and 'esc' followed by
'enter' solves it most of the times.

Once I exit 'livetv', the ghost goes away
and mplayer /dev/video0 doesn't show it. mplayer seldom shows it in
fact: so, it could just be a mythtv thing for all I know, but the fact
that the ghost gets into the recording is worrisome. It has screwed
many of my recording.


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v4l2-ctl is installed with my new version of MythDora but it does not support any command that look close to dnr_mode, dnr_spatial or (the most important if I understand what I read yesterday) dnr_temporal

So, I'm still stuck with ghosts... let me show you:

20 secs video (extracted from a recorded show using the command: ffmpeg -i 2032_20070124180000.mpg -ss 528 -t 20 -target ntsc-dvd -acodec copy -vcodec copy ~/ghost.mpg )

http://www.deniscarl.com/ghost.mpg (6.18 Megs)
    http://www.deniscarl.com/ghost.png (235K)
http://www.deniscarl.com/ghost1.png (257K)

2007/1/25, btsglw <btsglw at gmail.com>:
On 25/01/07, denis-carl robidoux <deniscarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am experiencing an annoying ghost image with my PVR-350, this defect only
> started to occur after I installed Mythdora last week. It's so weird, it

> absolutly looks like an old analog antenna problem but I know it can't be,
> I'm on cable and my previous custom installation of MythTV did nothing of
> the sort with exactly the same untouched wiring.

> Googling it I found some others with the same problem and they talk about
> this fix:
> ivtvctl -c dnr_mode=0
> ivtvctl -c dnr_spatial=0
> ivtvctl -c dnr_temporal=0

> But these ivtvctl commands do not exist in the version of ivtvctl installed
> by Mythdora.
> I am stuck with the ghost images.... please help me.

I believe newer versions (0.8 upwards) of ivtv use v4l2-ctl instead of

ivtvctl and, according to the MythDora changelog, as of v3.0 MythDora
is using ivtv-0.8.1-122.

See if you have v4l2-ctl on your installation and use that instead of ivtvctl



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