[mythtv-users] setting MythTV to wake up at the right time

YB ydebx2 at free.fr
Thu Jan 25 18:17:44 UTC 2007

David Watkins a écrit :
> On 24/01/07, Yves de Brauer <ydebx2 at free.fr> wrote:
>> I have a problem I would like to solve.
>> I use nvram-wakeup to wake up the backend for recording. But some time
>> the beginning of a show is missing.
>> After some search, I discovered that it is like MythTV do not take into
>> account the "start early" I put in the recording rules to wake up the
>> computer at the right time.
>> For example, I set the backend to wake up 2 minutes before a recording
>> as it takes about 1 minute to be on.
>> If a TV show is forecast at 01:10, MythTV set the backend to wake up at
>> 01:08, OK.
>> Now if I put a start early of 5 minutes because that channel is not very
>> reliable, I expect the backend to wake at 01:03 and start recording at
>> 01:05. Unfortunately It awakes at 01:08 as before and starts recording
>> at about 01:09 when it is on.
>> Note: When I stop the Backend with the mythwelcome command "Shutdown
>> Now" It set the right time to wake up I.e. 01:03.....
>> What is the correct setting? Is it a bug?  Please help.
> from the nvram-wakeup README file
> NOTICE  that you do not specify the time to be set in nvram but the
>        time  at which  the machine  should be  up  and  running.  I.e.
>        nvram-wakeup will  set the  wakeup time  WAKEUP_BEFORE  minutes
>        before the time specified with the --settime option.
> I believe that the default WAKEUP_BEFORE value is 10 minutes.
> Certainly if I run nvram-wakeup with a value of 13:00 and shutdown,
> then my machine wakes up at 12:50.  In plenty of time for the
> recording.
> Not sure why this isn't working for you!
> It is possible that the scheduler does not take account of 'start
> early' settings when configuring  nvram-wakeup.  I've seen something
> similar.
> When I schedule sports events I often schedule them to start late to
> avoid the long introduction before the event starts.  I have noticed
> that in this case the backend wakes up at the programme start time
> rather than just before the recording starts.  Maybe you are seeing
> the same thing?  (Although you say you saw the correct value in the
> shutdown script which implies not).
> If I were you I'd test your nvram-wakeup by running it manually to see
> what it does.  Then test mythtv by looking at the mythbackend log
> during a shutdown to see what it's asking nvram-wakeup to do.
> Hope this helps.
> D
Ok, figures are false, Yes but I made it of memory and I just wanted to 
simplify the explanation.

It does not put the start 10 minutes before only but 5 minutes.

I am now testing the change suggested by Paul....


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