[mythtv-users] Cannot get EIT and picture data on same channel

Philip Allison slightly at pathetic.co.uk
Wed Jan 24 18:54:34 UTC 2007

> I'm not able to take that as a given, from your posting. I mean, if
> you tell me that you can see Crystal Palace from your bedroom window
> then I take it all back, but isn't it possible that poor reception
> (or a bad tuner) would cause these symptoms?

I don't know. I was kinda hoping that was the sort of thing this list
could tell me. What I don't understand is how the application is able to
retrieve ONLY EIT from one multiplex, and ONLY picture/sound from another,
if that is indeed what it is doing - I would have assumed that, being
digital, the signal would generally be good for all or nothing.

Let me be more blunt, because clearly at least one person here is having
trouble seeing what I'm getting at. I have duplicate channels. In one
specific example, I have BBC 1 detected both as channel 1 and channel 541.
Attempting to view channel 1 results in no signal lock; to be honest, I'm
not even sure how it gets detected. Attempting to view channel 541 gives
me perfect picture, sound, and interactive features. Channel 1 gets its
EPG updated with EIT data, channel 541 doesn't. Bearing in mind that
channel 1 appears to get no signal, could it be that MythTV is pulling in
EIT data over channel 541's multiplex, but assigning it to channel 1 based
on some kind of transmitted ID? Or is this just not how it works, and I
will simply have to grin and bear it and set up a different EPG source?

I ended up with duplicates in the first place because I imported
channels.conf data from dvbscan; if I don't, MythTV seems determined to
only detect channels I can't actually view.

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