[mythtv-users] Basic suspend/restore issues

Leighton Brough brough at baremetalsoft.com
Thu Jan 25 15:01:23 UTC 2007

> I also would like to set up my mythtv-box to use suspend-to-ram/-disk  
> for faster startup times (you know the WAF? : "we used to have a  
> simple tv ... switch on and watch ... why does it take so much time  
> to start??")
> Can you direct me to a good howto or something? I have a via epia  
> MII. Is that board capable of doing s-t-r?
I didn't find anything I'd call a good howto when I setup STR for my 
mythbox. For me at least it took a lot of internet searching.

For STR  I suggest you get the suspend and resume working at the command 
line first, with a command like "echo -n mem > /sys/power/state", then 
configure mythtv appropriately. Generally later kernels have better 
support for STR (I'm using 2.6.18 successfully, but had trouble with 
some earlier versions). You will probably find you need to stop some 
applications and unload some kernel modules for the suspend and resume 
to work correctly. All of this depends very much on your kernel version 
and hardware; I don't know anything about your board.

If you want to suspend to disk, then it is another story. There are 
various ways to do this, none of which I've investigated.


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