[mythtv-users] Wireless?

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Thu Jan 25 13:23:21 UTC 2007

On 25 Jan 2007, at 04:14, Theng Kiat Ng wrote:
> ...
> I myself am trying to go wireless... Brought  1 PCI  (Atheros  
> something), 1 USB (Atheros 5523) and 1 router (all TP-Link)... It's  
> a nightmare to set everything up:
> 1) PCI works with a 3rd party module called madwifi.

"3rd party" is a little unfair on madwifi. madwifi is FOSS code - do  
you know of some reason it won't be included into the main kernel in  
the future? I appreciate that wireless is non-intuitive to set up,  
but currently you only have to compile the package & modprobe one  
module into the kernel. I know the userspace tools are a bit odd, but  
*shrugs* it's not THAT bad.

> 2) USB needs ndiswrapper (and windows driver).

Now this IS a hack - I detest NDISwrapper! I'm pretty sure there are  
USB wireless NICs (based on the Ralink chipset) that run natively  
(ie: without NDISwrapper) under Linux.


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