[mythtv-users] Adding extra Nove T cards

Jonas Anden jonas at anden.nu
Thu Jan 25 07:23:43 UTC 2007

>     You can always buy the Nova-T 500, which is a dual card. I use it. 
> There has been some indications that it has problems,
> occasionally detatching not restarting, however, I reboot mine at the 
> moment at 5am to reset it if its failed.

I have the same card. Occasional "Oops" occurencies do happen, although
not very often. I had one situation before X-mas, then one yesterday.
I've set by system to generate a panic on oops, and reboot on panic.
That fixes the problem when it happens, and doesn't disturb the system
when it doesn't.

Enabling EIT scanning on the Nova-T 500 is not recommended, however.
Since the disconnect/reconnect happens while retuning, EIT scanning
(with it's "constant" multiplex jumping) causes the problem to appear

  // J

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