[mythtv-users] using cable freq for broadcast HDTV

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jan 25 02:42:40 UTC 2007

Dave D wrote:
> Is there a way to get local listings from zap2it, but watch the HD 
> shows from cable instead of OTA?
> In other words, I'd like to change the frequencies to match the cable 
> frequencies of the HD channels and the modulation scheme to QAM256 for 
> local broadcast channels in mythtv so to 'fool' zap2it into thinking 
> it's local?
> I currently have standard cable for my SD recordings and OTA for HD.  
> But I also get HD from cable.  The problem is that Comcast (in all 
> it's glory) doesn't put EIT information in their digital channels... 
> at least here in Sacramento.
> I've tried modifying the channels themselves from 
> mythtv-setup->channel editor to match the cable channel exactly to the 
> local HD channel with no luck... zap2it simply doesn't get the data.
> Has anyone tried this?  Can anyone tell me the SQL statement I can use 
> to get the frequencies associated with the channels?  It wasn't 
> apparent to me when I looked at the tables.
I do this.  It works like your OTA setup I imagine.  I have a "local" 
lineup on zap2it that checks off the HD channels but really the local 
distinction is only relevant in that this is how it is listed on 
zap2it.  Then I map that lineup to my HD card, scan for channels, and 
then set the xmltvid's to match those in my lineup using the frontend 
channel editor (hit E while watching the channel).  This is not any 
different as I understand it from setting up OTA.


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