[mythtv-users] using cable freq for broadcast HDTV

Dave D dave726 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 00:57:14 UTC 2007

Is there a way to get local listings from zap2it, but watch the HD shows
from cable instead of OTA?

In other words, I'd like to change the frequencies to match the cable
frequencies of the HD channels and the modulation scheme to QAM256 for local
broadcast channels in mythtv so to 'fool' zap2it into thinking it's local?

I currently have standard cable for my SD recordings and OTA for HD.  But I
also get HD from cable.  The problem is that Comcast (in all it's glory)
doesn't put EIT information in their digital channels... at least here in

I've tried modifying the channels themselves from mythtv-setup->channel
editor to match the cable channel exactly to the local HD channel with no
luck... zap2it simply doesn't get the data.

Has anyone tried this?  Can anyone tell me the SQL statement I can use to
get the frequencies associated with the channels?  It wasn't apparent to me
when I looked at the tables.

- Dave
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