[mythtv-users] short recordings problem?

Jared Harvey mythtv-users at jaredharvey.com
Wed Jan 24 20:10:33 UTC 2007

Hello mythtv-users,

I'm  finding  that  about the first 25 seconds of recordings are being
chopped  off. I've looked into the the system clock, and it appears to
be  on  time  with the TV schedule. I haven't found a setting yet that
allows  me to make it record a bit earlier, and I have no ideas how to
fix the problem.

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the recording start times?

Basic  overview of the system is a Fedora Core 6 P4 1.8 GHZ .5Gig Ram,
PVR-350 tunner.

Best regards.

 Jared Harvey                        HAM KB1GTT

e-mail jared at jaredharvey.com
Web page http://jaredharvey.com

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