[mythtv-users] Adding extra Nove T cards

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.com
Wed Jan 24 17:59:23 UTC 2007

> You can watch LiveTV on one card and record on the other, or record
> two separate channels at the same time, and watch one of the
> in-progress recordings.
That's what I thought, thanks.
> As long as you get a supported capture card, it should be no trouble
> to add a second (or third) card later on. You will need to add the
> card to MythTV in mythtv-setup - add the card (capture cards) and then
> connect it to the existing DVB video source you have setup for the
> first card (input connections) and you should be up and running.
> Nick
Thanks Nick. I'll buy one first then I think. I feel more comfortable 
setting it up that way for some reason.

Damn, that's my entire shopping list complete. After what seems like 
months of research, I'm about to buy the bits and build the bloody 
thing. I thought this day would never come :-)


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