[mythtv-users] 5200 or 6200

Jarod Wilson lists at wilsonet.com
Wed Jan 24 03:43:09 UTC 2007

On Jan 23, 2007, at 22:25, Willy Boyd wrote:

> On 1/23/07, Jarod Wilson <lists at wilsonet.com> wrote:
>> I don't record very much stuff in sdtv anymore, and part of that  
>> which I
>> do (mostly BSG and SG-* off SciFi), I greatly prefer myth doing the
>> scaling, since its actually 16:9, letterboxed inside 4:3, which  
>> mythtv
>> makes fit perfectly on my screen, using the full 16:9. ...
>> --jarod
> I know this is a bit of a tangent, but that part about using the full
> 16:9 on sources which are really 16:9 but stuffed into 4:3 intrigues
> me.  Are you manually changing Myth's view mode when you watch (which
> I sometimes try), or is there some elusive recording or playback
> option I'm missing that will automatically do that by detecting such a
> case?  I just hate watching stuff with black bars ALL the way around
> now that I have a 16:9 tv.

For that type of content, I'm manually hitting the aspect button at  
the start of playback one time. Haven't looked to see if there's a  
way to automatically play back certain shows in that zoom mode (I  
should do that... Nope, didn't find anything that specific, not a bad  
idea to add, if not already in the current devel tree...).

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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