[mythtv-users] Backend Watchdog??

Jeff Coffler jeff-list-mythusers at taltos.com
Tue Jan 23 23:35:12 UTC 2007

 >The change from XFS to ext3 was relatively simple once I backed up my 
data (just see Jarod's article).

For those that have switched to (or are using) ext3 as a file system for 
recorded content:

It's certainly trivial to change from XFS or JFS to ext3 (assuming you 
have enough temporary space to hold your content), but what about delete 

I've been using jfs with little trouble (no LVM, only hardware raid, no 
software raid).  However, I'm looking at expanding the partition, and 
have been reconsidering the file system type.

I know that Myth 0.20 has a "slow delete" option (although I didn't 
check it since I use JFS for now).  Does the "slow delete" option work 
well on Myth 0.20+fixes?  Does it "hang up" the frontend during the 
deletion, or does the delete happen in the background?  I presume that, 
with slow delete enabled, other activity to the file system (i.e. new 
shows being recorded) aren't interrupted?

ext3 has pretty poor delete performance "out of the box", so this has 
been a concern of mine ...


    -- Jeff

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