[mythtv-users] Problems getting mythtv up and running

Chad Petzoldt cpetzol2 at uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 23 23:34:08 UTC 2007

I have been trying to install mythtv for around a week now. I have
read as many articles as I had time for, and I just seem to be at a
dead end as far as documentation goes.


AMD64FX X2 4200+
2 Gig RAM
ASUS 512 Mb Geforce 7600 GS Silent
KDE 3.5.5 with XGL, Beryl, and Emerald

This is a very recent install of Suse, so I am assuming everything is
mostly up to date. I spent several hours, and I was able to get my
tuner installed properly. At the console, if I type, cat /dev/video0 >
test.mpg, and, mplayer test.mpg, I see a movie clip. When I do
mythtv-setup, I think everything is set right, but I do not know. My
capture card is detected and working. I use DataDirect. And I have my
tuner set to capture from the cable input.

I then run mythfilldatabase. It spends a minute or two downloading. I
then type mythbackend. I get all clear other than an error that it was
unable to find a capture device for Digital Cable (I subscribed to it,
dont know why, I dont have supporting hardware), but it was able to
initiate the normal Cable properly.

I finally run mythfrontend. It starts great. I made sure in the
recording profiles that I am not attempting to record the digital
cable. It is set to record from the standard cable profile. If I hit
"Watch Live TV", my computer screen goes black, sits, and either
leaves my computer hanging, or logs me out of my session about 1
minute later, leaving me to start the session back over. I have not
tried any other features since the most important one appears to not
be working.

XGL, Beryl, and Emerald are recent additions. I would still get logged
out before I installed them, but I imagine they are the cause for my
computer hanging. But why is this happening in the first place.
Everything appears to be in working order, what do I need to do different.

I am unable to see the errors spit out by mythfrontend, as I am logged
out and not able to view the console again.

ANy help is appreciated.

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