[mythtv-users] Twinhan problems

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Tue Jan 23 19:13:54 UTC 2007

You received no reply because there were no replies.

It's less than 24 hours - if someone who can help you with your  
problem only reads the list once per day then they may not have seen  
your original message yet. And that's if they haven't missed a day.  
And even then they may not immediately have the time to devote to a  
reply. So if you _absolutely must_ repost your questions like this,  
at least wait 3 or 4 days (and preferably a week).

I'm sorry I don't know enough to help with your problem. If you don't  
get any replies here, tho', you might try the linux-dvb list - that's  
dedicated to digital TV cards, and it seems to me this problem is  
(strictly speaking) outside of Myth.


On 23 Jan 2007, at 13:47, Mikael Bergman wrote:

> Trying again since I received no reply the first (eg accidentaly  
> three ;-) times.
> /Mikael
> On 1/23/07, Mikael Bergman <mb at abc.se> wrote:
>> Ok, first post to the list.
>> I'm setting up my first Myth-system and have run into tons of  
>> problems. I'm now trying to sort it all out though I'm not sure  
>> I'm attacking them in the right order. Here goes...
>> Ubuntu 6.10 with Myth 0.20 from the distro. Backend up, frontend  
>> up. Added first card, a TwinhanDTV Ter-CI Split (as I'm in Sweden  
>> trying to use DVB-T with Boxer). Scanned for channels and found  
>> all channels ok. Here starts my problems. I can only get a lock on  
>> a few channels (SVT1, SVT2 and SVT24). These are free-to-air but  
>> not the only free-to-air channels. I figure I have a bad signal  
>> (strength and/or qualtity). This seems to be confirmed since same  
>> card in WinXP also gives me lock-problems. But... then I borrow a  
>> FireDTV-card from a friend and it works perfectly (again in  
>> Windows, no linux drivers yet). Hmm, I figure my Twinhan card is  
>> bad and borrows another card from my friend - an identical Twinhan- 
>> card. This card gives me only lock on another channel (TV4) and  
>> when I insert my first card again that card can't lock on any  
>> channel.
>> Sigh. Where to start?

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