[mythtv-users] HD-3000 card on slave backend only working locally

Paul Archer tigger at io.com
Tue Jan 23 03:04:41 UTC 2007

8:36pm, Paul Archer wrote:

> I've had a working single-backend setup for a while now, and decided to try 
> out an HD-3000 HDTV card in what had been a frontend-only machine. After some 
> false starts, I got the card working and configured under mythtv.
> But I'm having three problems:
> The smaller problem is that 1080i content comes up with a big magenta block 
> on the right-hand side. It doesn't cover the image, but does cover the OSD.
> The big problem is that I can't see any content from the new card on any 
> frontend except for the local one. If I record on the local (to the HDTV 
> card) frontend, I can see the recording on other frontends, but I can't watch 
> it, and I can't watch anything live on that card from any other frontend.
So, mere minutes after I send this I found my problem: I hadn't set my IP 
address for the slave backend in mythtv-setup. It was still on the default 

My new problem is that, while 480p content plays fine on my other frontends, 
1080i content gets squished up into a thin line at the top of the screen.
And the big magenta block is still there (although squished to a thin line 
with the rest of the content).

> I'm also having some skipping/slowdown problems with 1080i content, but I can 
> hunt that down once the other bits are working.

I configured a local storage directory, to avoid network bottlenecks, and 
it's still skipping. This may be related to my video card setup (I know 
that's typical) so I'm not going to worry about it just yet.


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