[mythtv-users] Delete last recording causes mythfrontend to hang

YB ydebx2 at free.fr
Mon Jan 22 09:32:47 UTC 2007

John a écrit :
> Not sure if anyone else has had a similar problem. Say
> I have 4 recordings and I want to delete them, I can
> delete number 4 and do an escape and I'll be taken
> back to the menu. Same for number 3 and 2. When I try
> to delete the last recording and then hit escape, the
> mythfrontend freezes. When this happened, I did an
> alt-tab so I could open up a terminal to kill the
> frontend thinking it was completely hung. When I went
> to do this, the frontend came out of the freeze. I did
> some testing and narrowed it down to the live preview
> causing the hang since it didn't do this when turned
> off or when I checked generate a thumbnail. I also
> tried the CPU friendly setting and it didn't work. I
> guess I could always keep a dummy recording around to
> prevent this or just use a thumbnail but I figured I'd ask.
I also noticed this problem. Sometimes, it is enough to wait long enough.


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