[mythtv-users] C-Cube hardware DVD decoder - any use for Myth?

Joel Means jmeans at physics.tamu.edu
Mon Jan 22 16:28:51 UTC 2007

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Stroller wrote:
> On 21 Jan 2007, at 16:40, Greg Kutzbach wrote:
>> ... 600Mhz or so was a stretch to get smooth MPEG2 playback and so
>> they used cards such as that.
> Although I always worried about it I used to get fine playback on my  
> PII 400mhz under Windows 2000 when that was a current specification  
> machine. I have to admit I didn't use it too much, as my main PC was  
> a PIII 500mhz (possibly a DP), but neither had much RAM - perhaps  
> 128meg & 256meg. Mind you, I always kept my Windows PCs quite clean  
> and I seem to remember this as a halcyon time when one could get away  
> with surfing the internet in Windows without the overhead of anti-virus.
>> I know the feeling of wanting to save good old parts, but just  
>> remember
>> that many engineers have worked very hard to make new devices that are
>> much better than the old ones.
> I appreciate your comments - I suspected this would be the case, but  
> it does seem such a waste. I did not have the budget for such  
> luxuries at the time.

I bought my first DVD drive (on eBay) back in 1998 and popped it into my
system with a Cyrix 6x86 233MHz processor.  It wouldn't even play the
disc until I got a Creative DXR3 MPEG decoder card to go with it.  With
the decoder card, it played beautifully and my wife and I were hooked on
DVD's from that point.  At this time, the local rental place (Hastings)
had about 25-30 DVD's available.  I still have that drive (even though
it won't read DVD's anymore, only CD's) and the decoder card.  I just
can't make myself part with them.
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