[mythtv-users] Hi, i am searching some Nehemia M-10000 II users ...

Kevin Slater kevin.slater at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 16:24:35 UTC 2007

> I did have some trouble getting mythtv to work properly with xvmc.
> Although xvmc was apparently configured right (good messages in the
> frontend log and Black&White OSD) it wasn't giving any reduction in
> CPU usage.  I discovered that running the frontend as root fixed this
> and then, while working to enable "real time priority threads" it
> started working correctly with non-root users.
So what does it mean when I have a color OSD on both M 9000 and SP 13000
boards? My CPU load is very low still, but I do have a color OSD. I'm Using
MythDora 2.32 (FC4 based) upgraded to Myth .20 and I'm using the kelkoo
unichrome drivers. (I think.)

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