[mythtv-users] Problems switching between ATSC and NTSC inputs on K-World ATSC-110 Card

Craig Courtney craig at dawnsedge.com
Mon Jan 22 14:27:13 UTC 2007

> I'm running an SVN build of MythTV on x86-64 Ubuntu Edgy with two K-World
> ATSC-110 cards.
> I'm using QAM-256 digital cable for my HD input, and whenever I switch
> from
> the ATSC to the NTSC tuner it shows a picture for a second or two, then
> goes
> black and usually (but not always) pumps static through the audio.
> If I switch to another channel and then switch back it works fine, however
> I
> occasionally (whenever the tuner was on a QAM channel immediately before)
> run into this when recording programs.
> This shows up in the mythbackend.log file after a switch:

I ran into the exact same thing wiht my ATSC 110s.  If you look at the
linux-dvb mailing list from linuxtv.org you'll see a thread about the same
topic recently.  So far no one has come up with a resolution.

I ended up lucking upon a free 4 slot pci motherboard (seeming to be a
rarity these days) and just dropped in two PVR-150s.  Please post back if
you find a fix!


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