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Jake Thompson jake at jakethompson.com
Mon Jan 22 14:02:22 UTC 2007

Hi All,
I have only found limited information for this, but I need to change the
default tuner.  My HD card is coming up as default and I have a SD only as
one of my frontends and it kind of chokes on it.  So I would like to either
do it globally or per frontend.

So far I have only found this solution:

MythTV use MySQL database...
1. Use a MySQL manager like MySQLCC to edit mythconverg-database
2. Double click on table "capturecard"
3. Change values in first column. Tuner with "cardid" = 1 will be default!!!

4. Save changes for table
5. Double click on table "cardinput"
6. Change values in second column "cardid" to correspond with your values in
pt. 3 above.
7. Change values in first column "cardinputid". Set your default card to 1,
next 2 and so on ...
7. Save changes for table
8. Exit database management and restart mythbackend or reboot pc

Makes sense but is there a better way?

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