[mythtv-users] Multiple channel listings on single input

Mabac List mythlist at silver.mabac.eu
Mon Jan 22 11:57:27 UTC 2007


I have recently moved to a city in Sweden which is really close to the
border to Denmark. This means that I can receive a few Danish channels in
addition to the Swedish channels. I have configured my Myth box to recieve
the new channels and they work fine, that is I can view the channels in
Live mode. I have also set up the DK grabber and receive channel listings
for the Danish channels.

Now my problem is that I can't find a way to attach the new video source
(channel listing) to the same video input as the Swedish video source. I
only have one antenna input on my Hauppage 350 card and I receive all
channels on this input. So what I need is a way to make MythTV see that
both channel listings are received by a single input. I think I've tried
everything in mythtv-setup but maybe I miss something obvious?

I can find information on the net about having multiple input for one
video source but nothing about this. Can anyone point me to more
information or is there a simple solution?


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