[mythtv-users] MythMusic not playing (0.20)

Ian Newby ian at codex.org.uk
Mon Jan 22 11:50:39 UTC 2007

Eduard Huguet wrote:
> Hi,
>     I've just (nearly) finished set up a barebone PC as a Linux media 
> center using MythTV, and so far the only thing that I'm completely 
> unable of make it work is MythMusic.  The plugin installs perfectly, 
> no matter with that. And it shows into MythTV, I can configure it, 
> browse the music, etc... I've even installed the visualizations, which 
> appear without problems.
>     Just it don't play. Anything. Whenever I choose be it a MP3 file 
> or be it a CD track, it frozes for some seconds and then stops. It 
> does the same for every file/track I attempt to play. It doesn't 
> crash, just don't play. No error message is displayed, even on the 
> terminal window if I manually start mythfrontend from there (the last 
> trace message is something like "Opening OSS device /dev/dsp...").
>     The sound on my system is (I think) well configured, as I can hear 
> the sound from MythTV (LiveTV and recorded videos), mplayer, Amarok, 
> etc... Also I can externally play those files using i.e. Amarok or 
> Xine, so I don't think it's a codec problem.
> Any ideas? Just in case it's needed here you have the basic data about 
> my machine:
>     Asus P1-AH2 barebone PC (AMD64 3800+, nVidia embedded card, 
> Realtek sound card)
>    1GB RAM, 250 GB disk
>    Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T 500
>    Sabayon 3.2 - 64 bit edition (Gentoo)
>    MythTV 0.20 (freshly installed)
> Cheers
>   Eduard
Hi Eduard,
I have a very similar system to you, (but a 3200 cpu, running Ubuntu 
6.10, I also had a similar problem. Does your volume controls work? Mine 
didn't but when I fixed the volume issue the mythmusic started to work.

Mine works now after I changed the audio device to


in the general settings. Note that this has to be typed in, not selected.


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