[mythtv-users] Smallest frontend available?

robin robin at robinandmariette.com
Mon Jan 22 02:22:49 UTC 2007

I've asked a similar question before which answers got me reading a ton of
stuff, but I'd like to ask this specific one directly.

I'm looking to wire up rooms with audio only rather than TV. I'd have a
decent set of speakers and amp in my living room and bedroom where the TVs
would be located, and a full frontend to run them, but for the rest of the
house I'd just like to be able to pipe in mythmusic/mythfm to a set of cheap
amplified speakers. High quality sound isn't a priority in these rooms.

Is there frontend hardware available out there that could:
1) run linux/mythfrontend diskless
2) run a network interface capable of handling audio
3) run lirc
4) have a sound output connection for the amplified speakers
5) have a very small display to communicate with the backend
6) no keyboard necessary, just a remote
7) have a very small footprint
8) be relatively inexpensive (<$300)

I'd like to not have to rig up a frontend with keyboard/monitor in each room
that I'd like audio only, but I'd like to control the audio from each room.

I could get what I want if I spend large amounts of cash on multi-zone amps
complete with proprietary remote lcd display to control them, but it's a lot
of money to spend whan all I want is low quality sound from my music/fm

I guess I'm looking for a pocketpc-like device that can do all the above,
but I think that's a rather mythical dream. There are some media-hubs out
there that can network to an nfs drive to play music, but I'd prefer a real
mythfrontend so that I can integrate FM capture and anything else that may
come along in future.


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