[mythtv-users] OT: MythTV vs Media Center - funny

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Sun Jan 21 17:48:56 UTC 2007

On 21 Jan 2007, at 16:41, Brian Wood wrote:
>> ...
>> Obviously you don't read any Macintosh-users lists. It becomes quite
>> nauseating to hear so often how crashy, unreliable & user-unfriendly
>> "Winbloze" is. Macintoshes are far more secure by design, you know,
>> and quite "immune" to viruses.
> ...
> As for "immune" to viruses, nothing is, but a Mac is certainly more
> resistant to them, as is any Linux or other Unix-based system.

Thank you. I'd forgotten since this morning how nauseating it is to  
hear such sentiments.

> Windows will pretty much run any code you present to it, without
> regard to what user owns it or has permission to execute it etc.

Actually, you're mistaken. This week I had to ask one of my customers  
to enter her password when we used the "run as..." command (right- 
click on an exe) to install the iPod software under her daughter's  
account Windows XP; I set this PC up perhaps a year ago so that all  
the children have "limited" accounts, and they really haven't had any  
problems with it since. Mum always installs new software when it is  

> Even
> if you could get "evil" code onto a Unix machine you would still have
> to manage to get the OS to agree to run it.

August 3rd, 1999:

5 years later, no lessons learned?

> Windows is attacked so much simply because it is so pervasive, it
> presents the broadest front.


I have no particular love of Windows. Most of the work I do for a  
living is on Windows, but if anything this ensures that I'm glad to  
use my Mac at home. I find it obnoxious that one of my customers paid  
over 1000 for o/s software for 6 users to use MS-SQL at a time when  
1300 bought them a dual-Xeon server with hot-swap & redundant PSUs &  
SCSI array, and I choose Linux for servers whenever I can.

But I _do_ get tired of advocacy, especially when it is not fully- 


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