[mythtv-users] Nvidia tv out

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sun Jan 21 00:38:38 UTC 2007

Craig Courtney wrote:
> On Jan 20, 2007, at 2:53 PM, Rich West wrote:
>> j mccord wrote:
>>> do you use the "nv" or "nvidia" driver, i found nvtv and am  
>>> attempting
>>> to install just wondering which worked better for you.
>> "nvidia" is the open-source driver which doesn't have the 3D
>> acceleration or other nvidia-specific features available.
>> "nv" is the closed-source (but freely available) driver direct from
>> nVidia.  IMHO, you should be using this driver.
> You've got those backwards.  nv is the open source driver and nvidia  
> is the close source driver.

*cackle*  Man, this cold of mine really is getting in to my head.  Of 
course, you're right. :)  I even looked at my xorg.conf to compare prior 
to posting, and I still got it backwards. :)


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