[mythtv-users] Fwd: Need MythTV 0.18/FC3/ATRPMs Upgrade Advice

Gareth Glaccum gareth.glaccum at btopenworld.com
Sat Jan 20 21:33:54 UTC 2007

Am not sure how well your upgrade will go, as 3 to 5 is probably a big jump. 
However, I upgraded my system (non-myth at the time) from FC4 to FC5 without 
any issues whatsoever. I then used atrpms to install myth and everything 
seems to have been ok since.
It is a pity that you cannot back your system up and give it a whirl, 
upgrading between distro releases is one of the 'it should work' things, 
that you never want to try to do until you know someone who has.

> I have a FC3 box running Myth 0.18, and I would like to upgrade to 0.20.
> Am I stranded until I upgrade my distro to FC5 or higher?

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