[mythtv-users] Unable to modify setup?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sat Jan 20 19:14:31 UTC 2007

I've finally taken the plunge after approximately two months of testing 
and fiddling with Mythtv.  I started with one test system running as an 
FE/BE with one tuner and I am now running with 1 dedicated BE with two 
tuners (soon to be three) and three dedicated FE's.

Now that my list of "things to fix" has gotten somewhat shorter, I 
started going back through and fixing some of the easier things.  One of 
which was the fact that our "Videos" weren't showing the cover art.  
That was an easy fix (they were pointing to the wrong directory), but I 
came across another problem that wasn't there before.

On only ONE of my FE's, if I go to Utilities/Setup->Setup->Videos 
Settings->General Settings, it chugs for a *while* and finally causes 
mythfrontend to exit entirely.  During this time, it is nearly 
impossible to log in to the machine remotely.

The other two FE's chug for a little bit and then finally bring you to 
the "General Settings", "Player Settings", "File Types" menu with no 

This really wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that I 
wanted to change the layout of the videos view (It was at "Listings" and 
I wanted to change it to "Gallery") and to update the location of the 
covers files.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening?  If not, any 
ideas as to where to start to try and debug this?  Where is this kind of 
information stored in the mythconverg database, anyhow (as I could 
probably just update it there and live with the fact that this one 
machine has troubles with this one thing)?


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