[mythtv-users] Jerkey DVD playback

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sat Jan 20 18:12:29 UTC 2007

P S wrote:
> On 1/20/07, stanley kamithi <skamithi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I experienced jerky dvd playback when I was playing with the chromakey OSD
>> with XvMC or Xv . When I go back
>> to a software blended OSD, playback is fine. I have a Nvidia 5200, Intel
>> 2.4Ghz.
>>  On 1/19/07, Peter <pete at putzin.net> wrote:
>>> I just got my remote FE running today and it's great. HD/music in my
>>> bedroom rocks. Anyway, I'm trying to playback DVD's on it (actually
>>> network mounted ISO's), and the playback a little bit jerky. The NFS
>>> mount is over gigabit ethernet, and the audio is fine, but the video is
>>> just ever so jumpy. Not unwatchable, but you get sort of a Blair Witch
>>> queasiness when you stare at it too long (jumpy video, not that the
>>> movie was all that scary). Anyway, it's using the internal DVD player so
>>> I'm not sure how to attack this to make it better. Any thoughts?
> I noticed the same thing recently, I disabled opengl sync in the
> playback settings.
> Abit NF7-S w/ Athlon XP 2600+, 512 MB ram, Nvidia FX 5200
On all three of my FE's, I have noticed the same issue.  It doesn't make 
it unwatchable, but it's as if the video is trying to 'catch up'.  Just 
a stutter here and there, most noticeable as the image pans (and this is 
on both 16:9 and 4:3 tv's).  Since my mythtv setup is so new, it is 
still on my list of things to investigate.


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