[mythtv-users] Hi, i am searching some Nehemia M-10000 II users ...

Qeldroma qeldroma at freenet.de
Sat Jan 20 00:21:09 UTC 2007

Hi everybody,

i just want to find some users who use this difficult board like me for 
sharing results and experiences....

In the moment i am trying to run mythtv/gentoo smoothly on a Via Nehemia Epia 
M-II (1GHz) with an Hauppauge HVR-1300 DVB-T-card.

Acutally, i get via Xvmc running, but combined with mythtv i am at about 70% 
CPU-load, what is pretty much. However the system freezes some times...

DVB-T is running, too.

What are you're experiences?

Kind regards, Florian

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