[mythtv-users] Is there an analog/HD tuner out there?

Craig Courtney craig at dawnsedge.com
Fri Jan 19 18:15:20 UTC 2007

Jake Palmer wrote:
>> From: Craig Courtney <craig at dawnsedge.com>
>> I have 2 of the Kworld 110 cards.  They do not play well doing both
>> NTSC and ATSC.  The current drivers does not properly switch inputs.
>> It may work for you if you are doing cable / QAM as they would use
>> the same input, but I couldn't even get that working properly
>> consistently.
>> This was all with new install of Gentoo (2.6.18-gentoo-r6 w/ manually
>> patch .20 to include NTSC support for 110) earlier this week as well
>> as an up to date Fedora Core 6 using atrpms bleeding SVN.  FC 6 just
>> released a 2.6.19 package today, but I have not tried that as of
>> yet.  Still debating on FC 6, Gentoo, or Ubuntu.
> I sometimes have issues when switching inputs in LiveTV, but no problems for 
> recordings.  I have a couple PVR-150's so I don't use the NTSC tuners on the 
> Kworld cards often, but every time I've needed them, they worked fine.  I 
> also see ticket 2822 with a reference to switching between analog and 
> digital and one changeset committed a week ago.  I haven't updated for 2 
> weeks so maybe that patch will help.  And for reference I am using QAM.
> As for distros I strongly recommend Arch.  It's extremely lean and fast, 
> always current and has a great selection of packages.  FC 6 and Ubuntu are 
> bloated in comparison.  Gentoo is nice, but I got tired of constantly 
> compiling.
Yea, I got it to work "sometimes" with QAM and cable, but did run into 
live tv issues.  These seemed to be driver related problem not MythTV 
problems, mythtv worked but video would be blank no sigfaults.  I 
grabbed the latest V4L drivers and put debug statements in and verified 
the input changing code was getting invoked, and it was but what it was 
doing was not making the hardware switch.  I stopped working on the 
QAM/Cable issue as QAM isn't an option for me as I get more OTA HD than 
QAM off cable.  I ended up picking up two PVR 150's to compliment the 
Kworld 110s, now I need to start combing through code to figure out how 
to browse across tuners... grumble grumble.

I was looking into arch.  I install a FC 6 slimmed down to just X, base 
system and ratpoison but I can't get DVD insert detection to work (FC6 
only mounts the drive via gnome or kde which I dont' want to installl  
gnome-volume manager has like 40 dependency packages yikes!)


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