[mythtv-users] mythlcdserver and 2 line LCD display

Simon Levitt maillists at whattf.com
Fri Jan 19 15:48:01 UTC 2007

On Friday 19 January 2007 15:26, Big Wave Dave wrote:
> -However, when displaying the channel/show name it alternates between
> the two items on the top line... leaving the bottom line empty.
> Shouldn't it display both at the same time... one on top, and the
> other on the bottom?  Do other people have this occuring with a 2-line
> display?
I do see that, but the reason for doing so is that the bottom line is used for 
a progress bar (at least it is on my LIS2; 20x2) - ie. visually how far you 
are through the current recording, or how far behind live you are in WatchTV.

IIRC: I think there is a progress bar interface into LCDproc, and thats what 
mythlcdserver is using. LCDproc redefines the customisable characters on my 
display to allow a 'smooth' progress bar to be displayed (ie. defines a set 
of full height blocks of various widths).


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