[mythtv-users] Need help with meaning of channel table fields

Jerry Rubinow jerrymr at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 14:57:45 UTC 2007

On 1/19/07, R. G. Newbury <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:
> Jerry Rubinow wrote:
> > Back to the channel table fields, I have my QAM channels all setup and
> > working now, except for one.  For some reason, what should be my HD ABC
> > channel is actually displaying the ABC DT subchannel that runs news 24/7.
> > The original scan found 3 ABC DT subchannels.  I tried using phpmyadmin to
> > change the service ID for that channel to that of the other two
> > subchannels,
> > but it had no effect.
> >
> > A couple of possibilities occur to me.  First, mythbackend caches all the
> > channel tuning info when it starts up and because I didn't restart it my
> > changes to mythconverg had no effect.  Second, I'm changing the wrong thing
> > or otherwise still am confused about the cause and effect going on.
> Well the first is easy to check....And I hope that it fixed things,
> because changing the serviceid should do the trick. And if you used
> phpMyAdmin while mythbackend was running, then of course myth would not
> recognize the change necessarily instantly (although one would think
> that it would... did you remember to *save* the change?)
> Have you tried tuning these 3 channels using azap? I presume they showed
> up as 3 separate named 'channels', in which case you should be able to
> tune each, using azap or mplayer.

It ended up being a serviceid issue.  I was working on it too late in
the night and didn't realize I wasn't putting in the correct id.
Instead of the actual ABC channel id, I was trying the two subchannels
which both carry news and therefore looked so similar to each other I
thought changing the id wasn't having any effect.  It's all good now.

One weird thing I did encounter, which may be a bug, is when
configuring the AverTV HD A180 card in mythtv-setup, I set it up as a
DVB card, then when I went to assign inputs, it only would allow me to
configure its analog input, not the digital.  I puzzled over this for
a while, and finally noticed that when I switched the channel lineup
assigned to it, then it allowed the digital input configuration.

The weird thing is that the two channel lineups I was switching
between were from identically configured sourced on zap2it (although
different channels were selected in each).  One of the channel lineups
I had named "HD", and one "Digital".  Only when "Digital" was selected
would the input assignment allow configuration of the digital input.


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